Here are a some comments from people who have tried the CareyKindly products:

"Greetings Dawn. We were at the Farmers Market, my wife was telling you all of her health problems, and I was the crazy guy with the jokes. Well, we tried your scouring powder and I used it on the stove and just a little bit mind you, and I was very impressed! I found this to be a great alternative to cleanser and much safer. If this works as well on my bathroom, you will have some more business from us.

If you like, you can copy this and put it in a frame, and use it as a testimonial of your product, it is well worth the time to do this for you and your significant other. Blessed Be dear one and keep up the good work."

     - Micah Lawrence Ms.D & Mary Lawrence B.A. HSM
       Austin, TX

“I can’t stop raving about your Carey Kindly Scouring Powder. I no longer buy Soft Scrub or cleanser. I am thrilled to have a kinder way to clean areas that require scrubbing. The relaxing lavender scent makes cleaning the sink a joy – I never thought it was possible.”

     - Lisa Cummings
       Austin, TX

"I began purchasing your products in April at the local Farmer’s Market.  I was quickly impressed.  I have a 10 month old baby and don’t want to use harsh chemicals in my home.  Since using the product I’ve discovered the floor solution also has other great uses.  I mainly use cloth diapers and found the floor solution works great in a “wet” diaper pail.  It keeps the smell down and also helps keeps the diapers from staining.  I don’t worry about using it because I know the products are natural!  Thanks for creating such a great product!!! "
     - Gail Goodman
       Katy, TX

"Howdy ~  Late June, early July, we were in Houston while our son attended Rice Baseball Camp.  We saw the signs pointing to a farmers market.  Well, I just love shopping at our own here at home.  So we stopped in & came across your father-in-laws tent.  I love to support "mom & pop" businesses, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Simple, enviro friendly & works really well.  Just a small spritz, wipe & it's nice & shiny!  So, just wanted to say "Thanks!".  Best of luck."

     - Richard & Joy Alex
       Victoria, TX

"Dawn,  I was at a farmer's market in Rice village, met Cheryl, and picked up your wonderful bucket of products.  I LOVE cleaning with these products!!!!!  They smell fabulous and the scouring powder worked wonders on the stains from our recent rust-colored water event (long story). It took the orange and scum that came from the water right off the sinks and the bottom of the tub.  And the metal shines so nicely now too!  I love the window cleaner and the surface solution too, Just awesome!  Thanks for sharing these products!"

Erin Russo
Russo Professional Services